Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment developed by Microsoft. This IDE supports to develop both stand-alone and web applications using Microsoft development platform. Due to the highly improved user friendliness, Visual Studio was getting popular among computing professionals. The latest release of this IDE is the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 which was released in 12th April 2010.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


This IDE has made its birth on year 1997 with two editions called Visual Studio Professional Edition and Visual Studio Enterprise Edition. Visual Studio 6.0 was the next release of this IDE and it was released in 1998. The highlighted thing in this edition was that they have removed support for some languages and focused on the .NET platform. In year 2002, Microsoft released their next edition named as Visual Studio .NET. Compile and Execute method was introduced in this version. With the support for mobile devices, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 came into the operation. This edition did not become that much popular but, it provided a huge facility for the enterprise level architects. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is developed with providing support for the .NET framework 2.0. It was released in October 2005. Visual Studio 2008 was released in November 2008. It became the most popular Visual Studio IDE as the .NET developers’ population became over 4 million. Lot of new features ware attached to this version and it was based on the available Microsoft OS for the moment which was Vista. Update availability in regular periods made this IDE looks better than any others. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, which was the latest release, includes number of new features in it.

What Is New In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010?

Visual Studio 2010 is developed targeting the .NET framework 4.0. The applications were targeting the Windows 7 operating system. This has come up with so many promising features compared to the previous versions of the Visual Studio. It is much personalized IDE compared to the others. The developers will not have to waste their time on the IDE. It provides multi monitor support and a new editor that could makes things much easier and reliable for the developer. Availability of plenty of platforms gives the programmers an opportunity to select the most suitable one at the time. The Application Lifecycle Management Tools make the team works much easier than it was before. Testing and debugging tools are much better than the Visual Studio 2008. Another feature that is newly available in Visual Studio 2010 is that it supports F# language. It is a highly recommended language by Microsoft Research Center for the Parallel I/O programming, Parallel CPU programming and algorithm development.Lab management is one of the innovative features available in Visual Studio 2010. In the developing environments, the developers take much time on setting up and tear down processes. This time wastage is minimized by the Lab Management feature available in Visual Studio 2010.

Editions Of Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is available in four editions in the market.

2010 Professional: The 2010 Professional edition comes for the basic development tasks while making it available for the individual use. Creation, debugging and deployment of applications are simplified through this edition.

2010 Premium: This is recommended for both individuals and teams with the complete toolset for quality application development.

2010 Ultimate: With the addition support for cloud computing and parallel computing, Visual Studio 2010 ultimate comes for the team works for the quality application development.

Test Professional 2010: Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 is for the quality assurance and proof reading teams for test planning and manual test execution.

Advantages Of Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio comes with several new and improved features to support the development processes. Among them, there are two mainly highlighted features available are Enabling New Trends and riding towards Next Generation Platforms.Visual Studio 2010 users are facilitated with Windows Azure Tools for building debugging and deploying the services and applications for the cloud. The Live Developer Portal provides the facility to send them to the cloud. Native C++ libraries and Visual Studio IDE Support for Parallel Development provides facility of running the same code across several processors. The new tools enable making MVC websites. In addition, Visual Studio 2010 provides tools for SharePoint development.

Bugs, Errors And Suggestions

There were several bugs and errors reported in the Beta version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The Microsoft Site for reporting bugs, Microsoft Connect states that there are 5463 reported bugs have been reported so far for the .NET Visual Studio. In addition, there are 2361 suggestions made by the Visual Studio users.Some of the users suggest that there should be built in support for IronRuby. Implementing a common interface for arithmetic in generics is another well voted suggestion. Also there is a request for allowing unloads assemblies. It is said that data contract static checking is not available in Professional Edition. Users request that feature for that edition also. Microsoft has provided a solution for the request for new templates from the customers as the available templates are old ones. In addition they have promised for removing bugs through the updates.

Further Implementations

Microsoft has not declared any further activity about the Visual Studio 2010. Experts and several viewers guess that Microsoft will look towards promoting their newly provided language F#. It will be a good Parallel programming language that could provide excellent features in the future. A research has shown that 30% of the time of software development is being used for setting up the project and tearing down it. Microsoft’s next aim will be improving the Lab Management features in the Visual Studio to another extend. Creating an Open source programming bridge like previously available JIT will be another option that Visual Studio Project team will be looking for. JIT was concluded subsequently the Sun Microsystems opposed. At last everyone is waiting for a much advanced, Robotic Studio plug-in in it. It will be a great advantage for the individual users who like to find everything under one roof. Then it would become a rich IDE such like Netbeans which provides facility to all Standard, Enterprise and Micro editions.


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