How to Access Google Services in One Place?

Google has now become the backbone of WWW. In past few years they came out with many web applications, replacing desktop applications we used for decades. Today for all the business and organizational needs Google has their products and the best part is, most of them are for free.

When you are using Google services the main problem you might face is you have to go to many URLs and keep many browser windows open. It could have been nicer if you can have one dashboard to access all the Google services. The good new Gpanion does it for you. Let’s go and get hands on.


Getting Started with Gpanion

  • Go to Gpanion website and login with Google account or Google apps account.
  • It will take you to main dashboard.
  • Let the quicktime run to play sound notifications
  • Take a look at settings before start using. Show icons in color would be a good idea. Other than that default would work for most people.
  • In left side bar you can find links to favorites, apps and search.
  • In favorites, next to title you can find the favorite editor.
  • In Google data section you can open Gmail, calendar, tasks, documents and reader right in the same page.

If you are using Google apps with your domain, this would be a nice idea to get single point of access to all the service. You can open few apps in the same page even without going to another tab. Give it a try. It might save a lot of time when working with Google services.

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