How to Optimize uTorrent for Faster Downloads?

uTorrent is a very popular BitTorrent client which always provides faster performance and consume insignificant amount of system resources. And it supports previous torrent files as well as magnet links. It comes for free and if you want more power you can go for ‘uTorrent plus’ for some money.


Sometimes you might have noticed that the download speed indicated there is lesser than half of your internet connection speed. Then obviously you check the internet connection and what if there is no problem. Then the problem must be with the uTorrent.

Here we are discussing how to configure uTorrent to get the maximum out of your internet connection speed.

Step by Step Configuration

Health of Torrent

This is the number one factor. There has to be a greater number of seeds and lesser number of peers. Seeds are the people who have already downloaded the file and only uploading. Peers are still downloading while simultaneously uploading already downloaded parts of the file.

When you download the torrent file you can see the number of seeds and peers. Again you can see the current number of seeds and peers once you start downloading file in uTorrent. There are services called trackers to update the status of the seeds and peers.

If you have unhealthy torrent, in other words more peers and less seed, all the below configurations won’t help. So get a Healthy torrent first.

Router Settings

When you go to Options -> Preferences -> Connections in uTorrent you will be able to see the port used for incoming connections. If you are behind a firewall or a router, they must open this port for incoming connections.


Even if you have no way to accept incoming connections, still you can download the files. But in that case there is a possibility for you to get banned from some trackers which lead to lesser download speeds.

The way to open port would depend on the Firewall or the Router. In order to configure that, you have to read the user manual for the product.

Tip: Use a port around 10000. Some ISPs block all the ports after ~15000.


When you go to Options -> Preferences -> Bndwidth you will be able to see current bandwidth configuration.


Here you must set the Maximum upload rate. If you have greater upload rate your download speed will decrease. Therefore set an appropriate maximum upload limit and that would depend on your internet connection. I suggest you to set half of the amount of your upload speed here.

Of course you can set very VERY lower upload speed, but here we are sharing file. You can download because someone else is uploading. So be considerate enough to do your duty as well.

By changing number of connections you might be able to increase the speed of downloading. However, this might lead to very lower speeds as well. Try increasing Maximum number of connected peers per torrent and decreasing number of upload slots per torrent. If this won’t work you can always go back to default configuration.

Protocol Encryption

Some ISPs block all the torrent traffic or give them a very low priority. If you suspect such, you can enable protocol encryption from Options -> Preferences -> BitTorrent.


Then your ISP won’t be able to identify that this is BitTorrent traffic. However once you enable Protocol encryption you will get slightly lesser download speed due to encryption overheads. So enable this only if it’s highly required.


Finally you have to set Queuing. For that you have to go to Options -> Preferences -> Queuing.


If you are downloading many torrents at the same time, you will be having lots of Network Overheads. So my recommendation is download only one torrent at a time. For that set Maximum number of active downloads to 1.

Once the torrent completes downloading it will automatically start seeding. If you have many numbers of seeding torrents again you will suffer lower download speeds. Best configuration is have one downloading torrent while having another seeding torrent. For that set Maximum number of active torrents to 2.

Now you will be able to download torrents with maximum utilization of your internet connection Bandwidth.

Tested Environment:

  • Hardware: Intel Core i5 2nd Gen // 4GB DDR2
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium // 64 Bit
  • uTorrent: 3.2.2

Special Note!

Notes of Genius say NO to illegal file sharing and Software Piracy. We consider that as a serious crime but nothing else. I used to be a Software Engineer myself, so I know the pain of Software Piracy.

With all these I decided to share this information with you because, BitTorrent is an amazing technology which let you to share huge files through a weaker network. And I believe we can use this in a good way to share actually sharable content.

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183 Responses to "How to Optimize uTorrent for Faster Downloads?"

  1. Sathyajee says:

    Nice one mate! :)

  2. Raven says:

    Thanks for this, my Ut has been giving me only 1mbps, when my DL speed is 20+mpbs. this guide still did not fix this :(

    • There can be few reasons Raveen. Sometimes ISPs are saying that they are giving 20+ mbps still its only the speed of whole back end connection. They sharing it with many customers. You will get 20+ mbps when only you are using that back end and it’s very less probable.

      However, you can try below steps to verify the maximum download limit that you have..

      1. Go to some reliable website where you can download free software. try downloading one with Internet Download Manager.
      2. Look at the indicated download speed and that’s the maximum.

      Try these and drop a comment here. We will proceed then. You can get almost same download speed as IDM with uTorrent as well..

      Thanks for sharing your experience here with us..
      Keep in touch!

  3. Marc Joshua Abendan says:

    HOLY SH*T thanks !!!! 1mbps to 20mbps!!

  4. Xiang Lyu Sohas says:

    I tried to do this but it only made my DL speed go to 0.1 – 0.5 KB/s and I have 54.0 MBps Internet :/

    • If it’s that low it must be something to do with your router or ISP. If you know how to configure routers, make sure it’s forwarding the port you have selected in uTorrent.

      If problem is still there it something to do with your ISP. They must be blocking all the BitTorrent traffic. If that’s the case there is nothing you can do.

    • Joseff Nunez says:

      I tried this one and I got an internet connection of 100.0 Mbps router and a one relative connected to us but still my DL speed is 0.5 to 10.0 kB/s only

    • Joseff Nunez says:

      I got an internet connection of 100.0 Mbps router and a one relative connected to us but still my DL speed is 0.5 to 10.0 kB/s only

      • Hi Joseff,

        The most common problem is port forwarding. That would depend on your router. Visit this website and get it done.

        Try to download some file with IDM or any other download manger to verify usable download speed in your connection. And contact ISP and ask their P2P file sharing policy.

        If all goes OK you will be able to get almost same BitTorrent download speed as direct downloads.

        • Faizal says:

          with idm i can get 10-11mbps persecond downloading …. but with utorrent only 20kbs T_T can you help me ? please help me.

  5. Azfar says:

    Double awesome..really notes of genius..thanks..

  6. Avijeet Dhar says:

    I really like your sugesstion…. This is really great!!! But, I still have problems… Though, I have higher connection… But, I can’t download from uTorrent above of 60kbps sometimes… Why? Can u please tell me the way to get rid of this problem? Atleast I want 1mbps speed on my torrents.. Please help me…. Thank You.. ♫ ☼ ♪ ♥

  7. christos says:

    Hi mate, how do i configure the router, for port forwarding?
    I have a ΖΤΕ ΖΧV10 Η108L router.
    Im at the “port forwarding” section. Has “WAN start/end port” sections, “LAN HOST start/end port” sections and others.
    Im lost!

    btw, i set the the port at utorrent manually at 10240. Is this ok?

    • Setting port manually is a good thing. Then it will never change and you can write a rule to forward it.

      If you can send me a screenshot of your router control panel, I’d be able to give you more specific details about configuration. Seems you are in the right place.

  8. christos says:

    Thanks for the qiuck response.

    Here’s what you asked:

    • Sweet! try below configuration and see whether it;s working.

      Enable it.
      Put some name it identify.
      WAN host start IP address: Your machine’s IP
      WAN host start IP address: Same
      WAN connection: default
      WAN start port: In you case 10240.
      WAN end port: same

  9. christos says:

    Thank you. I called my provider’s technical help line, as well.
    He said:

    Protocol: TCP, UDP or both? Must find it out from utorrent. Thing is i dont know where.

    WAN host start/end IP address: I leave them blanc, its only for static IPs.

    WAN start/end port: 10240(in my case), as you told me.

    LAN host IP address: my machine’s IP. ok.

    LAN host start/end port: must find it out from utorrent as well.

    So i need to know, how to find out at utorrent:
    a)Protocol: TCP, UDP or both
    b) LAN Host Start/End Ports

    Do you know how i’ll get those from the utorrent menu?

    • For TCP/UDP problem what I did was write two separate rules, one for TCP and one for UDP. Then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

      I’m not really sure about LAN host Start/End port. As far as I know its the port configured in uTorrent which is 10240 for you.

  10. christos says:

    Thanks man.
    I’ll put LAN Host Start/End ports, 10240 and put a command for both TCP & UDP protocol and take it form there.

  11. mohan says:

    hii… i am a engineering student and we have very slow and very much restricted internet so can u tell me any way to bypass that router .. i mean like proxy providers for certain websites can we dwlnd torrents with out being blocked?
    thank you.

  12. HOLY cow!!!!! thanks men!!! my 2mbps -20mbps now … hahahahah!!! thanks you so much!

  13. Daniel says:

    Hi Malinda, I’ve done all the steps mentioned, except the port forwarding. I can’t seem to find and configure it. I’m using an Aztech GR7000 router. i have a local download speed of 90mbps. But when i try downloading using UT, i’m only getting 40kbps.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Local download speed could be different from BT downloads. What is the speed of your internet connection?

      Go to this website.

      There you can get all the hep for port forwarding.

      • Daniel says:

        Malinda, thanks for your quick reply. My internet connection speed is 100mps. Fiber. When i do a speedtest, i’m getting 90mbps, and 40mpbs if i test it on a LA, USA server (I’m from Singapore). I’ve tried going to the website you suggested. However they do not have the portfowarding guide for my router (Aztech GR7000). I used to get at least 300kbps in the past. but now i’m only getting 40kbps.

        • I just visited that website and yeah, your router is not listed there. But it’s brand is there. So what you can do is try some other model in same brand. you might find pretty similar interface as your model.

          According to the details you have given you should get 6-8 Mb/s download speed. My 8Mbps connection is giving me nearly 900 Kb/s speed.

          Try to download some file using Internet Download Manager and let me know the download speed there.

          If all goes bad even after forwarding port, contact your ISP and check whether they have any filtering for bitTorrent traffic.

          Lets see how it goes. :)

          • George says:

            Genius, i just followed your step of configuration for torrent but my speed is ony 20 kb/s im using free wifi.. what port i need for configuration.. i got IDM and showing speed to 100 kb/s.. please let me know how to speed up my torrent.. maybe you are the one who solve my problem for almost a week now.. :(

  14. mohid says:

    hey mate , i use broadband and my downloading speed in utorrent is 10kb/s and my connection speed is 10mbps , any ideas about how to speed things up

    • If you have already followed the steps in my post, it could be something to do with port forwarding. If problem still remains even after that, it may due to unhealthy torrent.

      If speeds are lower for all torrents, you may contact your ISP and check whether is there any restrictions for BT traffic. If that be the case you will have to live with it.

  15. Allen Estrada says:

    my download speed is just about 70 to 100 and sometimes it goes down, but my connection is up to 2 mb/s. Can you help me?

    • In a best case you should get around 200 Kb/s with your internet connection. (I assume it’s 2Mbps). Forward the port correctly and follow all the above steps. If problem is still there try a different healthy torrent.

  16. mohid says:

    how can i fix the port forwarding problem , any ideas ?
    and another very strange thing is even though my modem and broadband has the same speed , downloading speed is more with the modem

  17. mohid says:

    The real problem was utorrent , downloading speed is fine in bittorrent , thanks for your help ! , btw what is the fastest torrent downloader ?

  18. Jeoffrey says:

    awesome stuff bro…works great now

  19. Stoyan Pavlov says:

    Hey,could you help me please ?
    I did the same things , i have 30 mbps internet and my bro is downloading with 3mB/s,but I am still downloading with 100 kB/s

  20. alfred says:

    I have try many tips to speed up torrent but my download speed still slow. but if I download from web the speed is fast. what could be the problem?

  21. Mani says:

    Hello Malinda,
    Seems like u r helping every one…
    i was just searching for the same problem regarding “utorrent download speed”
    my download rate at INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER (IDM) is approx 140-150 Kbps.
    bt Utorret speed is somtimes 5,10, or 30 kbps.
    i m using Qubee internet connection of 1Mb.
    With that, i m using a TP-Link Wifi router (connected to Qubee Router), for my wifi devices like celll fone nd laptop.
    This is the whole story! :-)
    i would b happy if u help me toooo in dis! ;-)
    Thank u…
    Mani :-)

  22. jaybee says:

    thanks. my 80kbps is now 170kpbs . :)

  23. Paul says:

    Holy sh*t……my torrent is downloading than ever…..wooooooow!…man u good

  24. ronald says:

    im using smart wimax outdoor here in Philippines..what is my router manufacturer? I can’t find in the list..tnx

  25. Ali says:

    Since i have downloaded the newer version, my ut has stopped working.. Everytime it gives me a msg ” invalid path specified, please modify and try again ”
    I am not getting what invalid path it is talking about and what modification :S

    • For me it seems like something to do with path given to download files. In uT go to preferences -> Directories and set location of downloaded files correctly. It might solve this problem.

      If this won’t solve the problem, send me an screenshot of the error.

  26. ankur malviya says:

    i have 3 mbps internet connection.. but my torrent doesnt gives me that much speed. At max 30-35 kbps.. not more then that.. any solution?

    • First follow all the above steps, specially port forwarding. Then get a health torrent and try again. With your internet connection you should be able to go around 350 KB/s.

      Let me know the progress. :)

  27. ankur malviya says:

    sometimes it even goes as low as 4kbps..

  28. ankur malviya says:

    and should i put the exact numerical figures as u’ve mentioned in the above steps??
    like u mentioned in d first step preferences=>connections => listening ports, u mentioned d figure ‘10247’, should i put d same??
    and and if i decrease my upload speed to minimal, like 1kbps, will it effect my download speed?

    • For listening port you can use any number. Around 10000 is the best.

      Trackers might reduce your download speed due to lesser upload speed. So its not a good idea to keep it too low. Play with the numbers and you will find the best for you.

  29. ankur malviya says:

    thanx buddy! u rule :)
    n plz help me with port forwarding.. i cant get this stuff..

  30. ankur malviya says:

    i use a dongle.. reliance netconnect.. with 3mbps speed

  31. ankur malviya says:

    okhay.. I hope it works now! thanxx a ton! :)

  32. jerry says:

    ive been reading about ppl getting 20mbs downloads and im so jealous.. live in michigan have xfinity broadband get 26mbs download 4.3 up im not using a router ive played with all the numbers but i top out at 2.5 and avg. 1.8. same results with utorrent and bittorrent :port 10420. followed these instructions and verious others love you long time you get me to half my speed lol

    • Double check the numbers Jerry. Is it Mbps of MB/s? Mega Bits and Mega bytes, of the major confusion in internet download speeds.

      26 Mbps = 3.25 MB/s

      If you get XFINITY Extreme 105 still you will get 13.125 MB/s of download speed (In theory).

  33. jerry says:

    well i shall thank you as you rained on my parade lol just kidding ive been trying to figure this out for awhile now and i feel kinda silly i didnt notice the megabits to megabytes differance, ive been thinking i had 25 megaBYTES a second for like ever now. lol so thank you for the clarification i can rest easy now and stop trying to tweak it…. i think i could pull another mb/s tho ;-)

  34. Eric says:

    If I have AT&T DSL 6.0 what speeds should I be getting on uTorrent?
    I’ve always got around 600-630kB/s and I feel that it is slow…

    • If you have 6.0 Mbps connection, in theory you should get 768 KB/s. Normally in BitTorrent ~10% of throughout goes to overheads.

      So the speed you are getting is not too bad. You might be able yo push it up to 650-670 KB/s with a healthy torrent and correct configuration.

  35. Eric says:

    OK i will look into that


  36. Eric says:

    Malinda Alahakook,

    You have an amazing thread going on here. I’m happy I found it.
    I do have some questions that I think you can help me with.
    I’ve noticed when I’m downloading from uTorrent that all my other connections are slowwwwww very slow. I have a extra router hanging around here and I read that a lot of people are making their extra routers a switch. When downloading a lot.

    I currently have: AT&T DSL 6.0 connected to a
    NetGear Model: B90-755025-15
    Portforwarding.c om doesnt have manual for port forwarding my router and seems no one does as it doesnt have the capability to or something.
    My extra router is a Pace Model: 4111N

    Please let me know what you think and your best resolution for what I’m trying to do.


    • I’m not totally clear about extra router. Can you explain little more about the setup you have?

      Yeah, when you are download with uTorrent, it basically consumes total throughput. If you want to use the same connection for other work while you are downloading torrents change maximum download rate in preferences -> bandwidth.

  37. Eric says:

    Its not letting me post a reply to your last message

    • I have never used this kind of setup. So I can’t give you much help here.

      But the most simple setup you can have for a home is single Wi-Fi router with built in DSL modem. So you don’t have to configure modem, router and Wi-Fi access point separately.

      Your NetGear B90-755025-15 router has everything built in.

  38. Eric says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  39. Eric says:

    Okay thanks

  40. BitTorrent live is here. It might change the future of live video streaming.

    What do you think?

  41. Tasnim says:

    I just formatted my PC and suddenly my utorrent become soooo slow compared to my previous utorrent. I’ve done all the settings but still not working any faster. Please help me…

    • There could be several reasons.

      If you have a internet security system, it might be blocking the BT traffic. uTorrent normally adding a windows firewall exception. If not that could be the problem.

      The most simple solution is, uninstall uTorrent, restart the computer and have a fresh installation. It will add firewall exceptions and grant other permissions required.

      Are you using a modem or router?

  42. Jethro Ang says:

    Its not working, its still 1.6 Kb/s… WTF man

    • If you have followed all the steps and still you are getting this, them I’m pretty sure it’s your ISP. They must be using some sophisticated technology to block BT traffic.

      Who is your ISP and what is the connection speed?

  43. Mak says:

    Hey i was wondering if i am getting like 1MB/sec download speed on Internet Download Manager and im getting the same on utorrent does that mean its the fastest my bit torrent? and just to add they say my max download speed is about 5-11MB/sec so im guessing im on either the 16MB+ package .

    • If you are getting same download speeds in IDM and uTorrent, you are in top shape. You can’t make it any faster.

      But if you have 16 mbps connections you suppose to get 1.5-2 MB/s of speed.

      • Mak says:

        Thank you for the quick reply and clearing that it up, at least now i wont be stressing myself trying to get a faster speed, might chase up my ISP see if there’s anyway possible getting it to the range you advised, if not just a case of upgrading/ Thanks again :)

  44. @christian

    Sure! Lets try!

    Few question..
    What is your router?
    What is the speed of yout broadband connection?

  45. Lloyd Irvin says:

    Great web site you have here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  46. christian says:


    and the speed of our internet is only 1 mb but if im downloading the speed of torrent is only 20 kbs sir .. what can i do?

    • If you have a 1mbps connection, it should give you at least 100 Kb/s download speed.

      First try to download a file with IDM or some kind of download manager. If you are getting 100-110 KB/s your connection is good.

      Then configure uTorrent and download a healthy torrent. Make sure you enable “protocol encryption” and Forward port.

      If there is no improvement, contact PLDT and ask what is their policy for p2p downloads. If they are limiting it, you have to happy with what you are getting.

  47. Paul says:

    Great! makes my ut little faster but the max speed is 100+kbps during midnight only though is there any other tricks to make my net speed faster??
    Thanks for this wonderful speed trick!

  48. odinduspapas says:

    it works here in africa

  49. bishnu says:

    hey bro plz help me…
    well my connection is 192 kbps one n when i use idm i get an speed around 150kb/s in youtube downloads and in other official sides too but when i use u torrent my max down speed is only 25 kb/s and i’ve done portforwarding stuff too but i’m not getting speed around 100 kb/s which my friends are getting……………….. plz help me fast………….and one thing is that they didn’t have to configure all these settings and poftforwarding to do these things……

  50. bishnu says:

    and by doing u’r stuff my max speed is now 20 kb/s

  51. bishnu says:

    but man my friends are getting the speed of 100 kb/s

  52. bishnu says:

    i tried one with ratio >1 but speed falled to 5 to 8 kb/s

  53. bishnu says:

    then bro why my idm catches speed of about 150 kb/s???

  54. bishnu says:

    then plz tell me how can i resolve my problem???

  55. bishnu says:

    plz reply fast…………………..

  56. jai says:

    I use a BSNL brdband connection of 100 mbps.. but i checked my down and upload speed to be .32 mbps down and .28 mbps upload …
    In u torrent i get only speed of 30 – 40 kbps of download speed …
    i hav tried yr recommendations as given above,but still no improvements..
    AND now i am only gettind a speed of 5- 10 kbps…
    pls help,thx in advance…

    • If your actual download speed is 0.32 mbps you should get around 40 Kbps download speed.

      0.32 mbps*1024= 327.68 kbps
      327.68 kbps / 8 = 40.96 Kb/s

      So you have nothing to worry about there.

      After trying my configuration, if you are experiencing lower speed switch off “protocol encryption” and go back to default in “Bandwidth”.

  57. bishnu says:

    luk buddy i did as u told above but after a while i uninstalled utorrent and then reinstalled it and made upload ratio to 8 kb/s and then it caught speed up to 110 kb/s with average of 70 kb/s in wifi but when i uninstalled it and again did the same then it only catches speed of max 20 kb/s with that 192kbps plz help me………….

    • For me it feels like, it has something do with your ISP BT filtering policy. Get it clarified with them.

      And when you re-install uTorrent make sure you are forwarding port again.

  58. bishnu says:

    thanks for quick reply. can u make me clear what type of portforwarding u’r saying? is that on utorrent?

    • When you are in BT file transferring you download at the same time upload what you already downloaded. For that you must allow incoming connections. For that there has to be a port open for that.

      In uTorrent preferences -> Connections you can select this port. (Explained in port). And if you are using a router, it should open the same port too. Port forwarding means the process of opening a given port for incoming connections.

      Port forwarding totally depend on the router. Here you can find all the router specific instructions.

  59. bishnu says:

    afterall what is bt filtering policy?

    • Some broadband service providers block BitTorrent traffic to keep the connection quality good for all the customers. If that be the case you will experience very low BT download speeds. You can always contact your ISP and ask whether they are blocking BT traffic.

      You may try protocol encryption (Explained in the post). It might solve this problem.

      If not you have to live with it. :)

  60. bishnu says:

    thnx i made as u mentioned but itz not working but man i’m getting same upload speed i.e., 8kb/s as i used to get when my speed was 100 kb/s but there is no any effect on sownload speed

  61. Talha says:

    very thankyou… Now i’ve the speed of 5 tb/100year… It is great then before because it is increased from 5tb/101year to 5tb/100year… thankyou very much you saved my 1 year for 500 tb…. :p :p :p :p… In short, it did not work… :p :p :p :p :p

  62. @George

    If you are using a free Wi-Fi hot spot, you have no way at access router settings. And probably they have set some rules for BT traffic as well. In short you have nothing to do here.

  63. Bridget says:

    It’s amazing for me to have a site, which is beneficial in favor of my knowledge. thanks admin

  64. vignesh says:

    it works great job!!!,it just doubled my speed

  65. thao says:

    thanks ,great

  66. Enrique says:

    Greetings I am so happy I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was
    researching on Google for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would
    just like to say many thanks for a tremendous post and a all round
    interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to look over it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read more, Please do keep up the awesome job.

  67. psykid says:

    hello guys….
    i have tried many sites to make my utorrent dwnld fast but i even couldnt keep it above 50kbps. but after coming to know that there are no much seeds then i checked out again and finally got a trackers list .. now my speed is 50 kbps atleast and 950kbps at max…..
    hope dis will help u ….

  68. Lucas Pugin says:

    I have still the same problem of slow download and i followed your tips but it is worst! How can I fix this?

  69. sh.. says:

    my utorrent speed is not more than 0.5kb/s however I did everything u said……… :(

  70. Joey says:

    Thank you for this. I have tried everything but I’m still getting a VEERYYYYY SLOOOW download speed. I hope you could help.

    It goes from 0.5 to 0.0 kB/s. Here is a screenshot along with a Setup Guide network test:

    ISP is ATT Uverse, no router but ISP came with a residential gateway 3800HGV-B. Connection speed as of the screenshot of the network test is at 12 Mbps.

    I already tried reinstalling uTorrent but I’m still getting the same result.

    Many thanks in advance!

  71. Thank you for this. Now I have a great speed on downloading my Video on uTorrent. However, the speed is not just like IDM.

  72. @anonymous

    I think this 100mbps is your LAN speed, not the broadband speed. Who is your ISP and what is the package you are using?

  73. DIVYANK says:

    Hey plz give me advance settings.. the problem i am facing is that my download speed is very fluctuating,it varies from 0.1to200.0kbps… plz help me or rather mail me the complete process…

  74. Anudeep says:


    I tried whatever you have mentioned but still i am getting 4 kbps, actually i use to get nearly 700-800 kbps but now a days i am getting only 4 kbps. we are using a wi-fi-router. plz help me out as fast as possible

  75. hey frnd!
    i had a wireless wifi connection to my laptop..
    i have downloaded the best torrents which give me a speed of 2 to 3mbps of downloading speed on pc(on other cablenet connection) but i get a speed of 200 to 210kbps max on my wifi network…
    for any torrent i download the speed is same 200kbps….
    any idea! why this is happening

  76. Anudeep says:

    actually we live in a paying guest and we use the Wi-Fi. no sharing between pc and laptop.

    • There could be several reasons.

      – Port is not forwarded or previously forwarded port is changed in uTorrent. You can find an indicator in right bottom corner. If it’s not green, click on it and follow instructions.

      – There could be a change in Wi-Fi router. It might be upgraded to block BT traffic

      – Your ISP may have improved their filtering algorithm to block BT traffic.

      If it’s 1 or 2 you can solve it with some tweaks. For 3rd case you really have to live with it.

  77. Junard Rasucay says:

    Hi, Malinda i am using a broadband and my speed is 3mbps but my UT only got and average speed of 16kbps , how can i make this fast ? pls help :)

    • 3mbps connection should give you 350 Kb/s of speed. Try all the above steps and test a good healthy torrent. If not you may have to chat about that with your ISP. Some of them have policies against P2P file sharing.

  78. carolina says:

    Thank you!!! Been using my phone as a wifi hotspot and didn’t know why it wouldn’t connect to peers but it does after the protocol encryption step. Excellent :)

  79. Kean says:

    help!!!I’m from philippines how can I make my utorrent faster?what port do I use?

  80. David says:

    Thanks m8 its going so fast now

  81. junji says:

    thank you thank you

  82. Jay Ramos says:

    i have forwarded port nos. 10-65535 to my router (also did a port triggering rule), turned off firewall but utorrent status icon is still red (can’t find any open ports) but i can still download and upload. i am using utorrent 2.2.1 on windows 7 32bit laptop. why is it that on some torrents with only 1 to 3 seeders i could download from 40-115kbps but on some with same number of seeders i can only get speed of 0.4-10kbps? upload speed on utorrent settings is at 50kbps max)

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