Gravitational Field For Future Transportation

Transportation is one of the major challenges in modern world. With the increasing population the quantitative demand of transportation has gone up exponentially. Due to that all the countries has upgraded their transportation infrastructure in past few decades. However this continuous expansion doesn’t provide solid solution for the problem of transportation. Even when it comes to the qualitative requirements there are many limitations to further improve, most importantly factors including speed and comfortability. It seems like time to ripe to put your thinking hat on and look for innovative transportation systems to expand the current boundaries of it.

General Behaviors Of Current Transportation Mechanism

Significant percentages of all the transportation systems are depending on 2 dimensional movements. Only exclusion is air craft which can move on all 3 dimensions. All the vehicles which are using the traditional infrastructure ‘road’ can only move on 2 dimensional surfaces. However when they are climbing hills there can be a 3 dimensional movement, but it’s only because of underlying infrastructure. The next common behavior is the entire transportation systems ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ the things that need to be transported to the desired direction. In other words they apply a one or two dimensional force to the object that has to be transported. As long as the object is three dimensional the applied force will be transmitted to its next dimension within the object. When you are sitting in a car you can feel the seat pushing you from back when it’s accelerating.  Things get worse when it comes to greater level of acceleration.


According to the common behavior of current transportation systems there are main two limitations. First and the most important thing is less expandability. Due to the growing demand of transportation the New York City will have to dedicate its entire surface to roads. This problem demands a easily expandable transportation system most importantly to the third dimension. Then the air space can be utilized to cater the growing demand of transportation in future. The next limitation is comfortability. As mentioned above with the acceleration under a two dimensional energy force that will be transmitted within the object in order to move it. This will become a serious issue when it comes to the greater acceleration levels. Even now the astronauts have to take special steps to deal with these problems as long as space craft has grater acceleration. The world need a better transportation mechanism which is three dimensionally expandable and which can apply force to entire object at the same time.

Use Gravitational Fields

The energy field based transportation system will provide a appropriate solution for the above major problems in current transportation mechanism. It appears to be the Gravitational field will be the solution for this because it can move any known object. The most significant advantage of using gravitational field is it can be easily expanded to the third dimension to utilize the air space. Furthermore the any object will be able to transport using this even without container. As the next advantage gravitational field applies to each and individual practical in the object that has to be transported. Due to that there won’t be a power transmission inside the object like in current transportation mechanism. This will be useful to achieve greater acceleration even without giving and traveling sensation to the passenger.

Ex: Imagine a Box that contains a passenger which is a falling in the earth from outer space. The box hides the external environment from the passenger. In this scenario gravitational field is the force which is moving both the box and passenger. Most importantly it applies energy to each cell in passenger’s body and each atom in the box. So there won’t be any power transmission within the travelling objects. In other words passenger won’t feel that he is travelling which can be the ultimate comfortability. But in reality he is accelerating approximately 10 meter per second.

Normally the gravitational field pulls all the objects around in to the center of object which generates the gravitational field. (This is the general explanation and this will be different if you consider time-space model) because of that entire objects around are landed on the surface. If there is a way to control the direction of gravitational field, it will open another dimension of transportation.

Ex: Imagine the gravitational field has shifted by 90 degreed near the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  If that be the case the tower will become the center of gravitational field so the passengers would be able to walk in to the top floor of the building.

Gravitational Field for Future Transportation


The major challenge to use Gravitational fields for transpiration is the lack of knowledge and research about it. Human civilization has lots of knowledge about other energy fields including magnetic and even human energy fields. But there are limited knowledge object we have about Gravitational fields. As far as we know it can’t be generated without a matter. When there is a collection of matter there will be force in to the center of collection. In order to control it shift it and use it as a transportation mechanism there are lots of underlying research has to be done. The major challenge for the research is prepare lab facility to carry out experiments. The only nearly good enough places would be a lab in a Space station where the effect of Gravitational field of planets is insignificant. In addition to that to gravitational field is a very weak energy field compared to other known energy fields. There has to be a huge amount of matter to generate noticeable gravitational field. However at this position there is no way to generate, destroy or manipulate gravitational fields using any technique.

Historical facts sometimes provide evidence of ancient air craft across the worlds in many civilizations. It appears to be some of them are working based on some kind of energy fields, possibly gravitational fields. Due to that digging deep with those historical facts might give hints to manipulate gravitational fields for future transportation. The invention of this kind of technology won’t be limited to general transportation but inter-planet transportation too.


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  1. Did any one come to know further updates of Gravitational fields. There are lots of experiments going on and this might be the nest big thing!

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