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Before the era of Smartphone we had a notebook in our pocket and it helped to remember things and organize yourself. But now it has gone digital and comes as an app for your Smartphone or tablet. Probably Notebook is one of the very first apps to install when you get a Smartphone.

But when you take a look at Google Play or even App store, selecting a notebook app is a tough decision. There are many of them with different unique features. I was struggling hard to find a good notebook app for my Galaxy Nexus. Finally I came across with amazingly simple app called GNote. By looking at name you may think it’s from Google. But it’s not so, yet, it has a relationship with one of the most popular Google services. Let’s go and take a closer look.


Getting Started with GNote

  • Go to Google Play and install GNotes on your Android Phone
  • In the initial run it will ask you to connect a Google account and all your notes will be synced in to Gmail. Now that’s why they call this GNotes.
  • Once you open the app you will notice that it has amazingly simply UI.
  • From the left column you can add new notebooks and from right top corner you can add new notes.


  • When you create a new note, again it’s very simple, giving you minimalistic, yet important features.


  • In the top tool bar you can add an image from camera, record audio, add handwriting, attachment etc.


  • The handwriting is working super cool here. Once you complete writing a word it get zoomed out and go to top of the page which makes it very easy to use.
  • Drag a note down and there you can set a reminder.


  • You can access all the notes you are creating in your Gmail labeled with Notes.

Tested Environment:

  • Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • OS: Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1

I have tried many Notebook applications, but this is the simplest one I came across with so far. All the features are working great. Only thing I missed here is, I have no way to edit notes online. They appear in Gmail, but not editable. If you choose to use GNote account, this problem would be solved up to a certain level.

Try this application in your Android phone and give me your feedback as a comment below. Subscribe to our email list and stay connected.

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